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To quote the Matrix, "What is Real?" Peace? Patience? Knowledge? Understanding? Energy? Where do we draw the line of real? Yes. Jedi are Real, but what exactly does that mean? What does it entail?

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Fiction has been used to inspire for years. The source isn't as improtant as what we do with it. Peace, Knowledge, Harmony, Patience, Integrity, Meditation, Self-Disciple. These are real and tangible concepts we explore in our training.

Here at Jedi Living we define the Jedi Way as World-Betterment through Self-Betterment wrapped up in Star Wars terminology and Inspiration. But this doesn't mean it is a mask to be worn over pre-established paths. We are not Buddhists in Jedi Robes. The Jedi Way is distinctly its own way of life. Inspired by fiction, forged by real people. We live as Jedi.

To explore that concept Jedi Living is dedicated to providing a variety of resources for your exploration of the Jedi Path. You can check us out on YouTube, Preview our Books, Enjoy some pictures on Facebook, or join us on our Message Boards.

Living as a Jedi

What does it mean? Where do we begin?


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