About Us

Still Under Construction...

History: Jedi Living started back in August of 2007. At the time it was called the Jedi Academy Online. It was simply a pet project of mine (Opie Macleod) to explore my own Jedi Training. It also offered a place for an interested student who had bugged me enough to accept accept her for training. Other interested people found their way to the site and a community was born. As our community grew and my own understanding of being a teacher improved the website underwent several changes. Eventually accumulating into a fill name change (Jedi Living) in 2015. Our focus and material has stayed the same for the most part. Really we just wanted a name that better fit what we sought - to live as Jedi in everyday life. Hence Jedi Living.

Mission Statement: To provide online and offline resources for those interested in the Jedi Path as per our By-Laws. To seek continual overall advancement, while providing peer support and encouragement. We seek to uphold the ideals of our Philosophy and to offer sanctuary by providing a virtual meeting place for those who wish to explore the Jedi ideology.

Futurus Optimus - To Be Best. We simply desire to provide the best content available to all those interested in living the Jedi Way. We are not looking to be the one and only Jedi Site, simply offer the best materials and training for those interested in what we offer.
Preservation of Our History - For too long has our past gone undocumented. Or at least properly documented. We reinvent the wheel time and time again. The Jedi Community is living proof that if you do not learn from the past you are doomed to repeat it. Jedi Living is and will continue to be the leader in Jedi History and preservation. Let us not forget where we came from, but aspire to move forward from it.
No 'isms' - Jedi Living offers a contrast to the misconceptions of Jediism and Jedi Realism and whatever other ism the public creates. We will offer this lifestyle and ideology, for people deem it worth their time. We will not conform to an ism, but instead stand and say we are all Jedi regardless of isms.