Welcome to Jedi Living

Where we explore living as real Jedi in everyday life.

Actual Jedi Philosophy for Everyday Life. That is what we explore and teach here at Jedi Living. Exploring the concepts found within the fiction and using our experiences to develop a practical and applicable way to live as a Jedi in daily life. But what does it mean to live as a Jedi? Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, and Social Well-Being is what the Jedi Path encompasses. This is what the fictional Jedi embodied and as such it is what we seek to emulate. Self-Betterment for World-Betterment.
The Jedi Path is about helping ourselves as much as it is about helping others. Jedi work from a principle of teaching a person to fish, not simply giving them a fish. We seek to help others to help themselves. The Jedi Path is a new label to look at old ways of thinking, of living. Here at Jedi Living we are focused on developing and progressing the Jedi Path and providing the best possible material and information available on this way of life.