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Article I: Organizational Name and Purpose.
Article II: Definitions.
Article III: Membership.
Article IV: Positions and Ranks.
Article V: Training and Methods.
Article VI: Symbols, Logo, and Awards.
Article VII: Concourses and local chapters.
Article VIII: Amendments and Protocol.
Article IX: Disclaimer/Legal information.

Article I - Organizational Name and Purpose.
Section A - Association Name:
This association shall be known as "Jedi Living", also to be referred to as the abbreviation "JL" within this document.

Section B - Mission Statement:
1 - Jedi Living shall provide and maintain resources for teaching and advancing the Jedi Path, as defined by the Jedi Circle, for those interested in becoming Jedi.
2- Jedi Living will also provide a virtual meeting place for its current and future members to encourage and enjoy light and deep discussions, camaraderie, and overall guidance in regards to the Jedi ideology.
3 - Jedi Living will also seek to provide these services in an offline environment as well.
4- Jedi Living will adhere to the Five Goals of the Jedi and seek to be a leader within those goals; such as providing support to other honorable organizations (e.g. The Children's Hospital).

Section C - Goals of the Jedi:
The Five Goals of the Jedi, as accepted by Jedi Living.
1.) Train Diligently: Be capable of fulfilling the role and course of a Jedi.
2.) Provide Support: Sometimes the best help is merely encouragement and support. A Jedi does not always have to be hands-on, but instead provides the needed support.
3.) Render Aid: Sometimes it is resources that are needed the most. A Jedi can give their time, money, services, and/or supplies for the service of others.
4.) Defend Those in Need: Sometimes people need help defending themselves. Whether this is by sticking up for them in a argument or unfair situation, calling the proper authorities to correct a situation, or showing that they have someone who will not allow physical harm to come to them, a Jedi defends those in need.
5.) Study of the Force: A Jedi continues the study and advancement of the Force. Further defining the Force, by continually experiencing, exploring, and understanding.


Article II - Definitions of the Jedi.
Section A - Definition of Name:
Part 1.) Jedi - noun
Definition 1 - Any individual who is actively learning and living the Jedi Path, as prescribed by the Jedi Circle. Example - Jaden is a Jedi.
Definition 2 - Any fictional member of the knightly order in Star Wars, who is trained to defend justice and peace in the universe; also referred to as a Jedi Knight. Example - Obi-Wan Kenobi is a Jedi Knight.
Brief Explanation: The word Jedi originates from the 1977 movie Star Wars, in which they are described as the Guardians of Peace and Justice. In today's society the word Jedi in relation to the Jedi movement is more accurately defined as one who seeks world-betterment through self-betterment as prescribed by the Jedi Ideals.

Part 2.) Academy - noun
Definition 1 - A group of authorities and leaders in a field of scholarship, art, etc., who are often permitted to dictate standards, prescribe methods, and criticize new ideas.
Definition 2 - An association or institution for the advancement of art, literature, or science.

Section B - Definition of Jedi Path:
Jedi Path - noun.
Definition 1 - The Jedi Path is a lifestyle based upon the practical application of the philosophical ideals and practices of the fictional Jedi as presented in the Star Wars Media. Example - The Jedi Code acts as a moral guideline for a Jedi on the Jedi Path.
Definition 2 - A specific ideology in direct relation to the philosophical ideals of the fictional Jedi Knights. And expounded upon by the Jedi Circle. Example - Joshua like the ideals of the Jedi Path, but does not consider himself a Jedi.
Definition 3 - The overall ideals and ethics that the Jedi learn, practice, and live by. Example - Alex lives his life in accordance to the Jedi Circle; which he feels means he follows the Jedi Path daily.

Section C - Definition of the Jedi Arts:
The Jedi Arts are the physical and mental skills of a Jedi practitioner. The Jedi Arts include martial application and study, physical fitness, meditation, diplomacy and conflict resolution, as well as in-depth studies on the Force and its uses/applications.

Section D - Definition of the Jedi Circle:
A detailed definition and article of the Jedi Circle can be found here: Jedi Circle Page.
Five Practices: Meditation, Physical Fitness, Diplomacy, Awareness, and Self-Discipline.
Five Tenets: Peace, Knowledge, Serenity, Harmony, and the Force.
Five Traits: Patience, Reliability, Objectivity, Humility, and Wisdom.
Five Truths: Self-Honesty, Learning,Guidance, Sacrifice, and Commitment .
Five Misconceptions: Star Wars, Religion, Segregation, Compassion, and Infallibility.

Section E - Definition of the Force:
The Force is, in the most simplistic terms, energy. This energy is both external and internal, having several points of origins. The Force exists within each living organism within our world. And each living being has the Force to some degree. This goes all that way from humanity to the smallest micro-organism. As such it can be said that the Force is a by-product of life. And the external Force, is all the excess energy flowing around from the various life forms in the world. However the Force is not simply bio-energy, but all energy; including molecular, kinetic, and thermal.
While we do have this scientific explanation on what the Force is, we also encourage students to explore their own beliefs and findings on the Force and what it is.

Article III - Membership.
Section A - Levels of Membership:
There are a few different levels of membership in use within the Jedi Academy Online currently. These levels differ slightly in privileges and access. The levels are as follows:
1.) Guest: A Guest is a visitor to the JAO. They have not signed up for any type of account and are often just looking at the site and message board out of curiosity. While visiting the JAO all guests are expected to follow the proper code of conduct. Guests have access to the Welcome Center on the Message Board.
2.) Forum Member: A Forum Member is someone who has signed up at the message board, but has not requested to be a JAO Member. When signing up for an account the individual accepts to adhere and follow the JAO regulations and code of conduct. Forum Members have access to the Welcome Center, the Courtyard, the Alora Phoenix Building, and Tier One forum on the message board.
3.) Full Member: JAO Members are individuals who have officially requested to be members at the Jedi Academy Online. They may not wish to be Students, or even Jedi, yet they want to be a part of the group. JAO Members are held to the regulations and code of conduct. They have access to the Welcome Center, Courtyard, Alora Phoenix Building, Relan Volkum Building, Morken Saan Building and Tier One forum on the message board.
4.) Student: JAO Students are members who have started the Tier One Open training Program. Students have access to all forums as a Full Member. They have simply chosen to participate in the training program. (Note: Student Levels and Membership Access Change after Completion of the Tier One Program. This shall be explain in the training section Article V.)
5.) Moderator: Moderators are Members or Students given a specific forum to moderate and regulate. They have the ability to modify, delete, and move posts. They can make topics stick or create announcements. They are the Sergeants of Arms in the specific forum they moderate.
6.) Administrators: Administrators run the JAO in all aspects. They have access to all forums. They are the leadership and directors of the Jedi Academy Online.

Section B - Criteria for Membership:
Part 1: In order to become a forum member an individual has to sign up for a message board account. This is a simple form which asks for a screen name, password, and e-mail address. Then one has to validate that account. This comes along with a simple terms of use contract given at the time of signing up. Please adhere to the terms of use, which consist of a proper screen name (nothing rude, offensive, or derogatory), code of conduct, and agreement to adhere to the administration of the site/organization, as well as local, national, and international laws.
Part 2: All members of the JAO must abide by the Code of Conduct, this includes no double-accounts and no spamming policies. Any member found directly disobeying the Terms of Service, Code of Conduct, and these policies will face the consequences of such transgression; which may include banning from the JAO and all related activities.
Part 3: The JAO Administration can, at any time, create a time-frame or other criteria for membership based upon an individuals application. Should an applicant feel they are not being treated fairly, they may send an appeal to the Administration to discuss the matter in-depth.

Section C - Resignation, Reinstatement, and Reclassification:
Part 1: Resignations - At any point a Member may resign from the JAO and all obligations. The JAO Administration requests that the individual inform them of their decision and explains their position. Also, it may be best to leave a note to the general memberage so they are aware as well.
Part 2: Reinstatement - Should a former JAO Member wish to return they may do so at any point. At that time they may request reinstatement to previous positions and rank held. The Administration will weigh the request upon the factors of: reason of leave, duration of leave, and current status of the individual. Duties such as JAO Administrator will be considered for reinstatement, but may require in-depth real-time interviews (phone call, video chat, et cetera).
Part 3: Reclassification - Member titles may be reclassified due to several reasons. Change in rank (First Level to Second Level, Fourth Level to Fifth Level, etc.), taking on a position or the loss of position or reduction in rank. The Administration will make the appropriate changes in rank, images, and message board privileges. Should at any time a member feel that a reclassification is unwarranted or unjustified they may submit an appeal to the JAO Administration.

Section D - General Conduct Policies:
1.) This is a place of learning and we expect all members and guests to behave with an Academic Demeanor. Keep it family appropriate and related to the overall goals and ideals of this organization.
2.) Use of Profanity within a topic, reply, private message, or chat room will not be tolerated. This group is open to all visitors and that includes kids. We do have members which are younger than 14 years of age, please keep that in mind when participating here.
3.) Flaming or attacking any individual at the JAO in a blatant and/or hurtful manner will not be tolerated. Address the points, debate, but do not insult others.
4.) Using Words, Phrases, Topics, and Subjects to incite argument among the members will not be tolerated. Do not post on topics that have already been addressed and have been asked to drop the matter. Do not use personal information against another member such as religious preference, beliefs, creed, and/or race. This will not be tolerated.
5.) Spamming will not be tolerated and result in a immediate ban. Do Not Spam.
6.) Double Accounts are not allowed at the JAO. Do not create more than one account. If you are having trouble or wish to change your name or other aspect of your account inform the Administration and they will resolve the issue.
7.) If you are a Jedi than you are expected to act like a Jedi. Anger, impatience, and other negative traits are not to be given into. If you are not a Jedi than please be respectful, if that is not in your character to do so then except the consequences of your actions. We are not asking anyone to change who they are or how they express themselves. However if expressing yourself means you violate the rules here then you will have to deal with the consequences of those actions.
8.) Mutual Respect Policy: Treat others as you wish to be treated, preferably even better than that. When posting, replying, discussing, and debating, please keep all online interactions civil. Name-calling, flaming, insults, and any other text/images with malicious intent will be dealt with swiftly.
9.) Be True to Your Word: Remember that all we have is online interactions. It is extremely difficult to judge tone-of-voice and intent over a computer screen. Your words/typing is all one has to work from. Make proper use of the emoticons, if you feel you may be misunderstood. So be true in your word and clear in your speech.
10.) Stay on Topic: When involved in a conversation please stick to all relevant topics and points. If something comes up you wish to side-track on, please send a Private Message to the individual instead of diverting or ruining the main point of the thread. Do not degrade into personal attacks or unrelated matters. If you wish to discuss a new subject then create a new topic.
11.) Do Not Make Assumptions: Please remember that you do not know every detail about everyone online. Keep a clear and open mind, emotions and tone of voice are often lost in text. So do not assume you know someone's mind or attitude simply by a post. If you are unclear then ask, do not assume.
12.) Please Respect the Work, Effort, and Time Put into the JAO: Anyone found using the JAO's material and/or resources outside of accepted organization regulations (claiming them as their own, using them to teach others, etc.) shall be removed immediately. Do not claim titles that you have not earned here, respect our standards; if you cannot, you will be removed.
13.) Have Fun: This is a place of online interaction and communication. You, the members and guests, make this place what it is. So get involved, talk, chat, laugh, have fun, be yourself. Enjoy the time, people, and information available to you.

Article IV - Ranks and Position.
Section A - Positions and Offices:
Part 1: JAO Members: Members are considered a part of the Jedi Academy Online and their continued input and thoughts are a valued addition. Members may cast a vote in polls and decisions. Only official Members have a say in the workings of the Jedi Academy Online.

Part 2: Moderators: JAO Moderators watch over specific discussion areas of the Jedi Academy Online. They are for the people and must be fair and honest in their duties. Moderators seek to 'keep the peace' on the discussion board, chat room, and in-person activities. They may move posts to a more appropriate forum based upon its content. They may remove offensive posts, replies, or spam. They may also ask the Administration to take further action against someone who is acting against the general code of conduct policies. Moderators are chosen from the Members of the JAO by the Administration. Should the member accept the position they must be able to seriously commit to the duties of their position and be prepared for the responsibilities of those duties.

Part 4: Administration Team: The JAO Administration operates, manages, and administrates the entire Jedi Academy Online and all related projects. The Admins oversee the entire JAO and all operations both online and offline. They are solely responsible for the leadership, direction, and development of the JAO. The Administration is also financially responsible for the Jedi Academy Online. Other responsibilities include website management, moderation over the message board, as well as the chat room. They are to help run and direct all offline Jedi Celebrations as well.
The Administration team reports directly to the body of the JAO and is assisted by Moderators and Members.
The JAO Administration team is made up of Jedi of the Third Level or Higher. Administration positions will be indefinite. Open only when an Administrator resigns. A minimum of Three(3) Administrators will required, with a maximum of Nine(9). The number of Administrators is directly related to the size of the JAO Memberage (with a basic idea of One(1) Admin. for every Five(5) Members). The Administration team must keep an odd number for voting purposes. The Administration is elected by either one of two ways; depending on whether leadership exists at the time or not. These will be broken down into election A and election B
Administration Appointment - If an Administration team exists then the Administration will discuss options and offer an open seat to a JAO Member. All open seats are appointed by the current Administration Team.
Administration Election - If a leadership currently does not exist then here is how the election process will run. The JAO Members will each have one nomination. Any member that receives two nominations or more must either accept or decline the nomination. Those that accept the nomination are eligible for voting. Nominations will stay open for two weeks. All those eligible will than be voted on by the JAO Members, each Member gets three votes. Voting shall stay open for two weeks. The three Nominees with majority vote are the new elected JAO Administration Team. Should the Administration need more than three members due to the size of the JAO, the first three will set-up future Adminstration appointments as stated above (no later than six months after their own election).

Section B - Ranks:
The Jedi Academy Online ranks are listed as level, not by title. All who commit to the Jedi Path are Jedi, but we see the varying degrees of skill and knowledge (i.e. experience).
Jedi of the First Level: A Jedi of the First Level is one new to the Jedi Path. They are interested in becoming a Jedi and have taken their first steps in learning. A Jedi of the First Level has completed and passed the Tier One training program.
There are currently no other requirements associated with this level. One only needs to seek to live and train as a Jedi.
Jedi of the Second Level: A Jedi of the Second Level is one who has completed the Tier Two training program of the Academy and finished the basic lessons of the Jedi Path. A Jedi of the Second Level has completed and passed the foundations of the Jedi Path and has moved on to the more advanced lessons of the Jedi Academy Online. They have shown their determination to live by the Jedi Ideals.
There are currently no other requirements associated with this level. One only needs to pass the first two tiers of the academy.
Jedi of the Third Level: A Jedi of the Third Level is one who has completed and passed Tier Three of the Jedi Academy Online. They are now eligible for Apprenticeship and can seek a Mentor to further their training with.
Apprenticeship is completely voluntary and not mandatory for advancement.
There are currently no other requirements associated with this level. One need only need to meet and exceed the requirements of the two previous levels.
Jedi of the Fourth Level: A Jedi of the Fourth Level has passed all four tiers of the Jedi Academy Online; which includes the Jedi Equivalence Exam. A Jedi of the Fourth Level is considered capable of teaching the Jedi Path and taking on an Apprentice. These Jedi are considered highly capable, reliable, and examples of how a Jedi lives and acts.
Requirements associated with this Level are as follows:
Has passed all other requirements of the previous Levels.
Has passed the JAO RTS (Jedi Academy Online Regulated Testing System).
Is at least 22 years of age.
Has been studying and living the Jedi Path (previous studies in any other philosophy, religion, or belief do not count) for a minimum of Two(2) years.
Is associated with the Jedi Community or reliable member of the Jedi Community for at least One(1) of those Two(2) years.
Has meet with at least one member of the JAO Administration at least once in-person.
Jedi of the Fifth Level: A Jedi of the Fifth Level is the highest level one can complete at this time. It has the most requirements placed upon it and the most expectations. This would be equivalent to a Jedi Master title. A Jedi of the Fifth Level has gone above and beyond all other requirements of the previous Levels. They are considered a great example of the Jedi Path. They show and have a great understanding of life, the Force, Jedi Philosophy, and principles. They are living examples of the Jedi. An embodiment of the Jedi Path.
Requirements associated with this Level are as follows:
Trains at least two students successfully to the Fourth Level of the Jedi.
Is at least 32 years of age.
Has been studying and living the Jedi Path (previous studies in any other philosophy, religion, or belief do not count) for a minimum Ten(10) years.
Five(5) of those Ten(10) years being associated with the Jedi Community or a reliable member of the Jedi Community.
Has meet with the JAO Administration in-person at least Three(3) times.
Attended a (general) Jedi Gathering or Jedi Celebration.
Has met all other previous requirements of all other previous Levels.

Section C - Classifications:
Part 1a: The JAO strictly forbids the use of classifications titles until such a time that they are needed or useful. Even then all requirements must be met before classification titles can be used at the JAO. All requirements listed must be met, unless specifically stated otherwise.

Part 1b: If the Classifications are put into affect the requirements listed below must be used and considered minimum requirements. These classifications have specific requirements attached to them and unless a Jedi meets those requirements they are not allowed to be use, even in pretense. Should you see an individual with a specific classification title feel free to question them on the validity of such a title.

Part 2: Jedi Healer Requirements - Jedi of the Fourth Level of Higher. Completion of the JAO Healer Academy Course. Certification in Outdoor Survival. Certification in Meditation. Certification as a Nutrition Specialist. Certification or Degree in an Alternative Healing practice (herbalism, qi-gong, acupuncture, etc.). Registered Nurse or Higher. Passing knowledge of pharmaceutical drugs, psychology, and sociology. Optional/Recommended: First Responder or Emergency Response Certification.

Part 3: Jedi Guardian Requirements - Jedi of the Fourth Level or Higher. Completion of the JAO Guardian Academy Course. Certification to teach/instruct Self-Defense, given by an accredited school/instructor. Certification in Outdoor Survival. Complete knowledge and skill in the Seven Unarmed and the Seven Weapon forms of the JAO. Certification to instruct Physical Fitness. Certification of O.C. (Pepper) Spray. Certification in Firearms (preferably to instruct in both). High ranking belt in a Martial Art Style (preferably Instructor, that is optional however). Optional/Recommended: Military Service. Career in Law Enforcement.

Part 4: Jedi Consular Requirements - Jedi of the Fourth Level or Higher. Completion of the JAO Consular Academy Course. Certified Librarian or Degree in Philosophy, History, or Literature. Understand and capable of using Robert's Rules of Order. Certified or experienced in record keeping. Certified in Conflict Resolution and Mediation. Passing knowledge of the many different beliefs, cultures, philosophies, and religions of the world. Optional: Career as Librarian, Researcher, or Assistant to those or any like profession.

Part 5: Jedi Sentinel Requirements - Jedi of the Fourth Level or Higher. Completion of the JAO Sentinel Academy Course. Certification in C.P.R., A.E.D., and First Aid. Certification in Outdoor Survival. Certification in Meditation. Working knowledge of the Seven Unarmed Forms and the Seven Weapon Forms. Certified in Conflict Resolution and/or Mediation. Passing knowledge of basic world history. Passing knowledge of general Martial Art styles and ideals.

Article V - Training and Testing.
Section A - General Terminology and Definition:
Part 1.) Jedi Academy Online: The Jedi Academy Online is a program where several students are trained at the same time on the internet. While individual programs vary in subjects, courses, and structure; the Academy itself usually serves the same purpose. To teach the basics to multiple students at once. To compensate for the student to teacher ratio (which is often very few teachers, many students). In the fiction of Star Wars one can see the basic principle of this applied in the prequel movies and the Jedi Apprentice book series. The Academy Structure and Program will be detailed in Section B.

Part 2.) Apprenticeship: Apprenticeship is a One-on-One training style. It works from the basis of a Master and Apprentice form of teaching. Many Jedi groups these days teach the same fundamentals in an Academy and than allow for an Apprenticeship after completing the Academy. The JAO itself works from this basis, though Apprenticeship is optional here. In order to become an Apprentice one has to pass the first three tiers of the academy first.
However this is not always the case and some places work strictly from the one-on-one teacher/student relationship. Often they figure that one is a teacher/master for a reason, and thus the site obviously trusts them to pass on the Jedi Path in a way that is suitable and reliable. In the fiction one can see this as the Master-Padawan style as seen in the movies.

Part 3.) Solo: Solo Training is often a term used to denote an individual who is training in the Jedi Path, but on their own. They are not in an Academy, they do not have a Teacher/Master, they are simply studying, training, and living as Jedi with what information is available to them openly. This classification of study was first recognized and introduced by the JEDI Academy program. Many can view this as a type of home-schooling. You find material on the Jedi Way and apply it yourself.

Part 4.) Classification Courses: These will be a private academy type atmosphere, held in separate forums/buildings. However this is not applicable at this time and thus no further information will be given out.

Section B - General Academy Guidelines:
Part 1.) The JAO will only train those interested in becoming Jedi. Due to the time, effort, and resources involved the JAO cannot invest in individuals who are simply curious or seeking validation (or a title). The Tier One training program offers the curious a such to explore the Jedi Path and sample the training involved.
Part 2.) Any student found copying, using, and/or sharing the JAO's material without permission loses academy access, as well as general membership access.
Part 3.) Any student granted academy access who goes silent for two weeks without any participation on the entire board will be removed from the academy. Unless said student informs the Administration of their absence.
Part 4.) Any academy student who becomes inactive in the academy (turning in assignments) for four weeks will lose academy access. Unless the student informs the Administration team of the absence in advance.

Section C - Training Structure:
JAO Training is an Online Process currently. The process is as follows:
Tier One: Open Program. An Eight Week long course on basic Jedi Training.
Tier Two: A closed 52 Week course on the basics of the Jedi Path, covering the Jedi Circle.
Tier Three: A closed 52 Week course on 7 areas of Well-Being.
Tier Four: A closed course with no set time-frame. Testing concepts of Jedi ideals and leadership.
After the student passes Tier Four they are eligible to take the Jedi Academy Online Regulated Testing System (or JAO RTS). Should a student fail they may seek Apprenticeship to better prepare for the next test. Apprenticeships have no time frame and are determined at the discretion of the Teacher.
Once a student completes the JAO RTS they are considered a Jedi of the Fourth Level.

Section D - Regulated Testing System:
The Jedi Academy Online Regulated Testing System will be administered mostly offline by the Administration team or Administration Approved Members. There are portions which can be taken online. The JAO RTS is composed of five parts. These will test the various aspects of the Jedi Circle, including, but not limited to, Physical Fitness, Knowledge of Jedi Philosophy, Self-Defense, General World Knowledge, Knowledge of the Force, and the ability to explain the Jedi Path in a clear and understandable manner. Each section has its own challenges and requirements, such as being timed. Information on the JAO RTS will only be given to qualified students, however the details will only be known by those that go through it.

Article VI - Logos, Badges, and Awards.
Here at the Jedi Academy Online we use our badges and emblems (our logo with color designation) to show certain achievements, rank/title, and positions within the organization. Below is a list of images that one can use within their signature. Please do not use the emblems or awards if you have not earned them and/or your not a member of the JAO.
Other Awards and Badges are given for certain participation in JAO events and topics. The Administration will give out these Awards to members who have earned them.
All logos, emblems, and awards were created by Kevin Trout (a.k.a Opie Macleod) for specific use for the Jedi Academy Online.
To use the Badges and Awards: You will be awarded the badge and then you can place them in your signature. Emblems will automatically go under your name on the forums. However you may still place that emblem in your signature for clarification and to denote your accomplishment (such as Academy Completion).

Article VII - Jedi Celebrations and Local Chapters.
Section A - Local Chapters:
There are no Current Chapters to the JAO. Guidelines will be given when a need arises to establish local chapters. Original Chapters established in early 2004, though the lack of actual necessity lead to the removal of chapters until such a time as the JAO grows large enough to establish them once again.
Chapters will be lead by recognized Members of the JAO. It is recommended that Chapters be lead by a Jedi of the Third level or higher, though Students may be allowed to start their own chapters as well. If you wish to discuss the possibility of starting your own JAO Chapter please contact the Administration team.

Section B - Jedi Celebrations:
All In-Person JAO Gatherings, Meetings, et cetera are hereby referred to as Jedi Celebrations. All Jedi Celebrations shall be held at an agreed upon date and time which best suits the needs of the hosts and is agreeable by members of the JAO. There are currently no official concourses at set dates or times.
Jedi Celebrations are named such because they are a time to celebrate our path and lifestyle. It is a celebration of being Jedi and coming together to enjoy each others company.

Article VIII - Amendments and Protocol.
Section A - Changes
Amendments to the Jedi Academy Online By-Laws (or Regulations) shall be made by the Administration team on a necessary basis.
Cosmetic and Major revisions to the Regulations will be made on a as needed basis.

Section B - Time frame for Amendments
Once a year the Administration team will discuss any necessary changes to be made to the Regulations. The Regulations will be reviewed before this time and any comments shall be brought up. The Administration will then put together a mirror of the Regulations with the necessary changes, which will then have to be voted upon.

Article IX - Disclaimer and Legal Information.
Section A - Legal Disclaimers:
Part 1.) Copyrights and Trademarks: All original material here at Jedi Living is protected on the individual and Organizational international copyright laws s well as copyright laws of the United States of America (1998-2014). Any reproduction or unauthorized use of the material contained herein is prohibited without the express written permission of the Authors and Publishers.
Jedi Living websites and materials are not owned, operated, or in association with George Lucas, Lucasfilm Ltd., or Disney. The materials at these websites are only used and only will be used for private, educational, and non-commercial viewing purposes, which is disclaimed by Lucasfilm Ltd. All else is strictly prohibited. STAR WARS, THX and all logos, characters, artwork, stories, information, names, and other elements associated thereto are the sole and exclusive property of Lucasfilm Ltd. and Disney. All copyright and trademark items are used without consent for non-profit, educational purposes only.
The creation of any other materials derived by the authors of Jedi Living is expressly used for private, non-commercial viewing purposes. The individual writings exist for the benefit of the visitor and are copyright of the Author and Jedi Living. If any violation is detected, please contact us immediately.
Part 2.) Professional Advice:
Jedi Living (referred to as JL herein) and contributors to JL's website are not engaged in rendering medical advice, and the contents of JL's website are not intended to take the place of such advice. Please consult a physician or physical therapist before using any of the information, advice or any of the services on our website. This includes all resources on this website.
Part 3.) No Endorsements:
Jedi Living does not endorse or even imply any guarantee of the information or advice available throughout the website. Jedi Living does not endorse or hold any affiliation with the advertisers on this website. Users who post or respond to the postings at JL's website are not employees nor are they agents of Jedi Living, and JL disclaims any responsibility or liability for such users who provide such advice or information.
Part 4.) Liability Disclaimer:
Jedi Living's website and its contents are made available without warranties or guarantees of any kind. Jedi Living disclaims any liability for injury or damage resulting from the use of JL's website or any information, advice, services, or other resources that may be mentioned or made accessible through our website or by our instructors, trainers or representatives of Jedi Living. Jedi Living further disclaims any liability for injury or damage personal or otherwise resulting from the actions or advice of the instructors certified by Jedi Living in the performance of their duties. JL Instructors must carry their own professional liability insurance.
Part 5.) Links, Books, and Other Media:
Providers of goods and services whose listings are submitted to JL for posting on Jedi Living's Store page and elsewhere on the website are posted for informational purposes only. Jedi Living does not endorse or guarantee the accuracy or efficacy of any product or service in any such listing. Further, JL is not affiliated with the individuals or companies who have posted such listings. All users of the Store listings at JL's website are cautioned to undertake their own research of a provider of goods and services.
Part 6.) The Message Board:
The listings posted to the Message Board are strictly the opinion of the individual submitting the listing only. Jedi Living does not endorse or guarantee any such postings as being accurate or valid. Jedi Living is not affiliated in any manner with the individuals who have submitted listings to this or any other board at JL's website. All users of these listings at JL's website are cautioned to undertake their own research of any information contained on the boards. JL reserves the right to edit or remove posted material on any of the boards at the Administration's discretion. Jedi Living cannot and does not undertake to investigate or evaluate any such material prior to posting if it remains on the board.
Part 7.) Violation of the Law:
The JL strongly cautions all users of the JL website against posting material that infringes upon the copyrights or trademarks of any third party, invades the privacy or infringes upon the rights of any third party, or is otherwise in violation of law, and all users agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the JL and its administrators, officers, directors, employees and members against any liability for such material.
Part 8.) Your Information and Privacy:
Your information - For customer service and security reasons, we must obtain some personal information to process your application and maintain accuracy in our organization. On some pages of the Site, you can order products, make requests, and register to receive materials. The types of personal information collected at these pages include:
Phone number
Email address
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